2024-01-25 The Tuebor honor pledge

2023-10-26 W.A.L.T.E.R. Theory of Automated Vehicle Sentiment

2023-10-20 Opening Mobility Jobs ‘For Free’ for Startups

2023-05-20 Within a large group of plant people

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2020-10-30 A Celebration of Overdue Postal Trucks

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2019-10-30 Easily Forwardable Email Request (EFER)

2019-10-02 Tesla Autopilot Is Not Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous or Self-Driving

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2016-06-01 Machine Earning

2015-05-22 We’re Driving Blind Without More Destination Data

2015-03-21 Alternative Route Optimization

2014-10-20 Launching FoT, a new weekly newsletter

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2002-02-25 Meeting J Dilla (in Trucks)

1980-02-27 Real clip art has unlimited power