Easily Forwardable Email Request (EFER)


An EFER is a simple tool to make an email request go smoothly. Typically startups will ask Can you intro me to Big Cheese / Investor Person at Company X.’ Having a very straightforward, easily-forwardable email cuts down on the burden for the introducer.

Simple ingredients:

Let’s use this in action:

Subject: Showing TopSensor’s 500-meter lidar to Alicia Edwards at General Motors

Hi Kate

Would you be able to connect me with Alicia Edwards, VP of Sensors at General Motors? We have new milestones to share with our sensor that now has a useful range of 500 meters. In early validation testing it is beating other units from the supply chain at an even lower light reflectivity.

Here’s a brief description of our company: TopSensor makes powerful lidar solutions for autonomy and driver assistance. Founded in 2020 and based in San Francisco, we have been awarded the prestigious Best Sensor’ Award at CES this past January.

I’m on Pacific Time and look forward to connecting with her.


Ray Eems, CTO of TopSensor