A new media project: The Emerging Manager newsletter


I have a new media project, called The Emerging Manager, which you can subscribe to here. It begins as a newsletter project about (and for) new, emerging fund managers, the cohort from which I’ve learned the most about venture capital over the last six years. I detailed how this project originated from an afternoon of complete embarrassment and shame here, if you want the grisly backstory.

If this world of emerging seed funds and venture capital is of interest to you, I think you will find it valuable to read. I’m definitely going to find it valuable to publish, which is always my first motivation for doing any of these media projects.

Although I am using a bog-standard email software to distribute this project, I took special care to pick one of my favorite illustrators, David Coulson, to do the art. I found David’s work over many years of reading Highlights Magazine to my daughter and eventually found a way to get in touch with him. As David completed early versions of the illustrations and I was putting together early versions of the newsletter, I experienced that wonderful feeling you get when things are in their early stage and you can start to see the threads forming a weave. Because David does all of his work in phases, using multiple revisions and sketching, it will likely be interesting to share some of his process work down the road.

My plan is to publish The Emerging Manager every two weeks, but I might adjust that up or down depending on the workload and response.

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