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Reilly Brennan is the Executive Director of the Revs Automotive Research Program at Stanford, a lecturer at the Stanford and creator of various mobility prototypes and mishaps.

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  1. 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans Couch Kit: Streaming, All The Good Stuff


    We’ve made it another year and thus another couch kit. This is my home base for all the various streaming and twitter lists I follow to keep up with the race. What’s new for this year’s LM? Almost everything: a ton of new rules (see the videos below), new cars (Porsche is back in LMP!), new drivers. It should be either the most boring race of all time or the best yet. 

    On a personal note, my absolute favorite moment working for the factory Corvette team happened 10 years ago this month when we won GTS at Le Mans. Never before had I been a part of a team like that, under the coaching of The Doctor, and the fight with Prodrive was unbelievably well matched. I’m going to wear my LM24 ring all month to remember it.

    (Note: this page updates frequently as links head back to the garage for repair. If you have a new link or comment, leave it in comments.)

    Start time: 3PM CEST (9AM Eastern), Saturday June 14

    US TV Coverage: Coverage on Fox Sports (formerly Speed) is not complete, and it does jump around a bit between Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2. The full schedule:

    (all times Eastern)

    • 08:30AM - 04:00PM Fox Sports 1
    • 04:00PM - 05:00PM Fox Sports 2
    • 05:00PM - 06:30AM Fox Sports Go app
    • 06:30PM - 01:00AM Fox Sports 2
    • 01:00AM - 07:30AM Fox Sports 1 
    • 07:30AM - 09:30AM Fox Sports 2

    Audio Streaming: 

    Video Streaming:

    • Official ACO Dailymotion free feed
    • Official ACO app (iOS / Android): the free version has timing & scoring, onboards, news. The paid version is 9.90 EU ($10.99 USD in the US) which gets you live video and multi-angle views — this premium version goes on sale June 11.
    • Roku: Using your Roku, download the Dailymotion app and stream the race through there; the username you need to find is ‘lemans-tv’ (Thanks to DaveStruve for pointing this out in the Jalopnik thread)
    • VLC direct streams: to play these, you need to have VLC player (free) on your machine and choose ‘Open Network’ from the file menu, then input these links. Make sure you don’t put any extra space at the end, otherwise it won’t run: (thanks NickTdot and you can see a bunch more here)
    • Fox Sports Go is the channel’s US-based web offering (for both desktop and mobile) and you login with your cable provider info. At least where I live this means I can see Fox Sports 1 coverage but not Fox Sports 2 coverage. They make it so confusing.
    • Eurosport app (iOS / Android). Live coverage is 5.99 EUR ($8.18 USD), but note this often has problems playing in the U.S. unless you know how to play the system. For hijacked Eurosport desktop feeds we typically turn to the one known as Sportlemon. Here’s another Eurosport feed.
    • Team Streams: CorvetteAudi

    Onboard cameras:

    Timing / Scoring:

    • ACO / WEC: Official timing and scoring from Le Mans

    Entry List:

    Twitter resources

    Other Useful Info:

    2013 Info:

    • Winner average speed: 122.6 mph
    • Winner’s total laps: 348 (there was lots of rain last year, usually this is a lot higher)
    • Winners: McNish, Kristensen, Duval (Audi R18 e-tron quattro)

    New poster is below. Not sure how I feel about the new Le Mans logo. 


    Just awesome: 1977 qualie onboard with a Porsche 936

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