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Reilly Brennan is the Executive Director of the Revs Automotive Research Program at Stanford, a lecturer at the Stanford and creator of various mobility prototypes and mishaps.

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  1. 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans Couch Kit: Streams, Entry Lists, Good Stuff

    Another Le Mans means another awesome day of watching from across the Atlantic via a series of tubes. If you want to follow along, I’ve pulled together some of the better resources here, in my recurring lazyman’s Couch Kit series. 

    (Note: this page updates frequently throughout the week and weekend)

    Start time: 3:00PM CET (9AM Eastern), Saturday June 16

    U.S. TV coverage explained: Speed’s coverage of the race is primarily on its TV channel, with 23 hours on air. Unfortunately the experience is broken up across a few sections because they cut away to NASCAR for a bit, during which they are live on Here is the full schedule (Eastern times) for U.S.

    • Speed TV: 8:30AM - 1PM
    • 1PM - 2:30PM
    • Speed TV: 2:30PM - 7PM
    • 7:00PM - 7:30PM
    • Speed TV: 7:30PM - remainder of race (through 9AM Sunday) 

    Audio Stream

    • Radio Le Mans: The team at Radio Le Mans does round-the-clock, we-never-stop coverage and they are quite good — and funny, which is what you need when you cover something for 24 hours.
    • Team streams: Flying Lizards, JRM

    TV / web streams

    • splits their coverage between broadcast and online, meaning that when it’s on TV it’s not online. That is sort of frustrating, but when the feed is on it is very, very crisp. When the full feed isn’t available online, they do show Corvette on-board.
    • ACO feed: ACO gave their official feed to DailyMotion here. There are some other team-related streams below the feed.
    • Corvette on-board: Actually the same as the Speed link above, but showing only Corvette when Speed doesn’t show their coverage online. Confused yet? 
    • Audi on-board: In addition to dominating Le Mans, Audi dominates web streaming as well with bandwith, quality and coverage that is in keeping with their herrschaft.
    • Eurosport: This one shows Eurosport, with Radio Le Mans as its audio (ads go away after 30 seconds) — I should note this one has been very stable. This is another (ads disappear after 30 sec) — thanks to Rory O’Connor for this one. Or try here for Eurosport Germany link.
    • Ten Sport: a TV station from Australia, who will provide coverage of the entire race. Update: deggis4 comes in hot with some tips on how to access this outside of the outback — see the comments below.


    Phone / mobile apps

    Entry List

    Other useful stuff

    Stuff I’ll be thinking about

    Pay special attention to the new Toyota TS030 hybrid racer (above on the right) and the new Delta Wing racer (in black above), running in the non-points-getting 56th garage, but a feat of innovation that could be a foreshadowing for the future of the sport. Beyond those new teams, note how the six leading prototypes are all running different fuel setups: diesel (Audi), diesel hybrid (Audi) and gas hybrid (Toyota). Audi is so dedicated to Le Mans and maintaining their dominance that they are running four new cars with two totally different approaches. The diesel cars (called R18 Ultra) are basically updated, lighter versions of the R18 TDI that won last year (and saved a few of their drivers’ lives). The new R18 e-tron quattro is a diesel hybrid that can store energy and apply it to the front wheels (effectively giving the car ‘quattro’ all wheel drive), but only at speeds above 75 mph; it has a slightly smaller fuel tank, too. Of course, in GT I will be pulling for my alma mater, the Corvette Racing factory team. I’m thinking it’s the #4 car’s year. Finally, the #17 Dome Judd car is the one I’m going to be rooting for as an underdog; Dome was started and is still run by Minoru Hayashi under the awesome company motto: “Our basic policy since 1978 has been that if we did not participate, no miracle would occur.” Read Hayashi’s epic post about why they’re returning to Le Mans on their site; I love that guy. At Le Mans, everyone needs a miracle in some form or another.

    2011 info

    • Winner average speed: 125.06 mph
    • Winner’s total laps: 355 (record)
    • Winners: Fassler, Lotterer, Treluyer (Audi R18 TDI, named ‘Red Sonja’)
    • Winners: being awesome below

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