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Reilly Brennan is the Executive Director of the Revs Automotive Research Program at Stanford, a lecturer at the Stanford and creator of various mobility prototypes and mishaps.

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    Reilly P. Brennan photo by James P. Morse

    Hello, I’m Reilly. I grew up in Birmingham, Michigan and now live in San Francisco with my lovely wife and fluffy dog. This is my personal blog, a way for me to work out ideas and angles I have about the stuff I think about during the day. 

    Professionally, my background is in automobiles, mobile and media. I am the Executive Director of the Revs Automotive Research Program at Stanford University and I also teach at the Stanford Since I love cars, my friends and I started a way to share photos of cars called Carmagnum. I make a few small angel investments during the year and help friends of mine bring new ideas to life. 

    I love to write and for a good number of years was a journalist and editor. In this capacity I was previously Editorial Director at AOL for their automotive group, General Manager and Editor at Winding Road / NextScreen, and Communications Manager for GM Racing (Corvette C5-R factory program and NASCAR). You can see a list of places I’ve published here.

    Email: reillybrennan (at) gmail

    Twitter: @reillybrennan


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